My review of the movie "The Diary of a Teenage Girl"

Today I finished watching a movie "The Diary of a Teenage Girl" (Director: Marielle Heller). This movie is based on a graphic novel drew and authored by Phoebe Gloeckner. I really enjoyed this movie because it is about a young girl and her time in San Francisco during the groovy 1970's. She slept with her mother's boyfriend and she also explored her sexuality and met people. After watching the film, I wanted to know if it was based on a true story. I read a couple of articles that confirmed my inquisition. In particular, I really liked the opening scene when Minnie spoke the first statement that I knew will be one of the main themes in connection to the whole plot. After she spoke that first statement, the upbeat music started playing and that got my attention! I also liked the last statement in the end of the movie (go watch it to find out what is the last line of the movie!) I recommend that everyone 17 or above watch this movie and I think many people can relate t…

A fancy restaurant I ate in Taipei, Taiwan

This past summer, I enjoyed eating at a upscale restaurant located at Far Eastern Mall located in Da'An District. Although the bill is expensive, it's nice to splurge every once in a while! Here is the link where it shows you a video of the 5-Star hotel and fine dining: 
I decided to order a pasta so I was in a short line and the chef told me to choose any ingredient and he cooked it in front of me!

Overall, I recommend this place for family reunions. If you go to the roof, you will see that there is a pool and lounge chairs for guests who are staying at the hotel in this same building.  You can even go to the spa there! You can also see prominent Taipei 101 from the pool! If you go downstairs, you can go shopping too. What are your favorite restaurants in another country beside the United States?

The Big Apple!

Hello everyone! About a year ago this month, I went sightseeing for one day to NYC. What I liked about NY is the tall Christmas tree decorated every year with beautiful lights and colorful ornaments bigger than my head! I just adore Christmas, the bright colors, decorations, and cozy slippers. Christmas always make me feel joyful. 

I went to the Rockefeller Center to see the lights and also went to Bryant Park to see the tall tree with a small outdoor market. The walking distance between these two locations is not that far. Keep in mind that the Rockefeller Center is crowded at night.

I went to Downtown Holiday Market in Washington D.C. At the end of the walk in the market, I enjoyed the authentic German drink from a company called The Taste of Germany: German Foods. It tasted like hot apple cider and I am not sure what is the German name for it, but here is the website if you want to see what the market has to offer: I also ate mini donu…

Halloween theme: desserts

Hello everyone..Happy Halloween!I'm feeling a bit spooky! By the way, I recently just finished watching Practical Magic!I never get tired of watching it! The theme is sisterly love.
1. Pillsbury's ghost shape sugar cookies: The company also sells sugar cookies with Christmas tree symbol printed on them. The box comes with 24 cookies and is fun to eat them!
2. I never tried Pumpkin Pie Spice snap cookies before so I was excited to see that my dad purchased them from the local grocery store. I ate ginger snap cookies before; I was surprised thatStauffer'scompany made a pumpkin version of it! I thought it tasted slightly similar to a ginger snap cookie, but you can taste the distinct familiar taste of pumpkin spice! 3. A new delicacy that I never tasted before is Pillsbury's pumpkin spice cinnamon buns! You can purchase it at the grocery store. My initial thought was that it was going to taste too sweet. It turned out that I was right, but still I enjoyed eating it for the f…

Happy Autumn!

I can't believe this summer flew by quick, but I am excited for Autumn. Autumn equinox makes me happy because I get to see colorful leaves, drink warm apple cider, the arrival of pumpkin pie and Fall seasonal decorations at Target and the local grocery store, and Hallmark's adorable seasonal cards, orange and brown wreath to put on the wall, fake pumpkins to place in front of your home, hayrides, pumpkin picking, the smell in the air of "fresh and light breeze" and many more!

Here is a list of what you should do for Fall! After all, the year is almost over so why not?

1. Change your iPhone's wallpaper to a wallpaper of bright orange leaves falling or bright white and orange pumpkins with the slogan "Hello Fall!" or "It's Fall, y'all!"

2. Read lifestyle or fashion bloggers' articles about recipes, outfits, bucket lists, book lists, etc. that are related to Fall.

3. Find a recipe online to learn how to make pumpkin pie or pecan pie! …

What's happening in October!?

Hello everyone! Who's excited that it's Autumn season!? Can you believe that it's the first day of October?

With midterm exams coming up and the cold weather approaching, it seems like there is so much to do yet so little time. I am excited for October because I am a fan of horror movies and Halloween decor. 

Almost every year, we bake delicious sugar cookies with colorful print of a pumpkin or ghost on the cookies. I still haven't purchased the pumpkin spice candles so I must go to the mall ASAP! I created a Fall bucket list last week and I already accomplished some of the fun tasks. For instance, I purchased a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks with whipped cream. I must admit it tasted a bit too sweet for me. I like coffee with french vanilla or caramel. Still, it was fun to try it! I will share my Fall bucket list with y'all soon!

If you want a romantic movie that takes place in October (hint: it's about two witches!), I recommend one of my favorite movies: Pr…

I ate Peruvian food in Taiwan!

Hello everyone! Happy Autumn Equinox! I can't wait to drink warm apple cider and smell delicious pumpkin pie candle. I am so ready to go to the pumpkin patch! I love seeing the leaves changing colors, feel a light breeze, Halloween, and cute Autumn seasonal home decor at Target or Hallmark! Today I will talk about Mama Inca, a Peruvian restaurant owned by a Taiwanese woman and her Peruvian husband. Everyone in Taiwan loves good food and there are many restaurants in Taiwan that offer not just Taiwanese meals, but also Italian pasta, French pastry, and even Swedish breakfast! Some of these restaurants are owned by foreigners who moved to Taiwan. 

The couple of Mama Inca have a young son who carries the plates to customers. He is fluent in Spanish and Chinese. I tried talking to him in English and he replied in Spanish. In translation, he said "We don't know English." I was the first customer to arrive just as the restaurant opened and I saw the little boy's father …